AV Live - MDB Communication Error


The purpose of this article is to describe the MDB communication icon and communication between AirVend/PicoVend devices and the vending machine. The MDB communication icon is displayed in AV Live to the right of the connectivity Icon.



Green Circle - On the AirVend/PicoVend screen, a green circle (MDB) icon will appear to the right of the connectivity icon when the connection is healthy.
AirVend - Green MDB icon.png

Gray Circle - No MDB connection, and there has been no MDB connection recorded for the device. (Typically, newly installed devices)
AirVend - Gray MDB icon.png

Red Wrench or Square Door - Red Symbol means no MDB connection between the card reader and the vending machine.


Causes of MDB Error

One of the most common causes of the MDB communication error is having the door open on the vending machine.

  • During regular servicing or refilling, it is possible to see the red wrenches icon (MDB Communication Error Icon) for up to an hour in AV Live.

The MDB error can also be caused by a few different scenarios with your vending machine including:

  • Coin Jam
  • Rebooting / Updating Device
  • No pricing set on vending machine
  • Vending machine is in service mode
  • Errors on vending machine or vending machine LCD display
  • Drink machines too warm


Fixing the MDB Error

If you were recently at your machine and had the door open and now you notice the MDB Communication Error Icon, you can send a ping to the device in AV Live and refresh your web page to see if that resolves your issue.

  • If the device is experiencing a MDB error for other reasons, they must be separately diagnosed and resolved. See the above Causes of MDB Error section.

To send a ping to your device is AV Live:

  1. Click the checkmark to the left of the machine in AV Live.

    AirVend - Send a ping 1.png
  2. Click Actions > Commands > Send Ping

    AirVend - Send a ping 2.png
  3. Wait 15-30 seconds and then refresh your web browser page.

If you are still having a MDB Communication Error after sending a few pings to the device. Next, diagnose and troubleshoot the vending machine itself.

  • Perform a test vend with cash and verify the vending machine is giving change back. This helps us verifies that there is no coin Jam and the vending machine is dispensing correctly.

If you are still seeing the MDB Communication Error, please call support while on location. (800-321-9601