365 Retail Markets - Warranty Coverage Guide


This document serves as a concise reference for our warranty policies. For more detailed information, please refer to the 365 Retail Markets Terms and Conditions.

At 365 Retail Markets, we are committed to the reliability and longevity of our products. Every component is backed by a standard minimum one-year warranty. Moreover, we provide extended warranty options for new kiosk purchases within our MM6MM6 Mini, and PicoMarket product lines.

Our extended warranty program extends your coverage by an additional two years beyond the base warranty period, offering enhanced protection for your investment.



  • All 365 Retail Markets Components
    • Standard minimum one-year warranty
  • PicoMarket
    • $100 per device for an additional 2 years of coverage (3 years total)
  • MM6/MM6 Mini
    • $499 per device for an additional 2 years of coverage (5 years total)


Warranty FAQ

Q: When does the warranty coverage period begin?

A: The warranty period begins the date the device ships from 365

Q: What parts are covered under 365’s warranty program?

A: The warranty program covers all components inside the 365 kiosk

Q: What type of damage is covered under 365’s warranty program?

A: Defects in materials and workmanship during normal use of the device

Q: What type of damage is NOT covered under 365’s warranty program?

A: Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake, vandalism, or other external causes; damage caused by operating the product outside its intended use; damage caused by use with non-365 products

Q: Can I purchase an extended warranty for a device that I’ve already received?

A: No, the extended warranty needs to be elected at the time of kiosk purchase

Q: How long is the standard warranty period?

A: The Standard Warranty varies by individual product, but all products come with at least a one-year standard warranty

Q: If a device is replaced under warranty, does the warranty period reset?

A: No. Warranty replacements do not reset the original or extended warranty period

Q: What products currently have extended warranty options?

A: PicoMarket, MM6 and MM6 Mini Kiosks

Q: Does the Extended Warranty cover Dining Kiosks?

A: Yes, the extended warranty covers the MM6 and MM6 Mini kiosk running 365 Dining software. The warranty only covers the kiosk and does not cover peripheral parts such as Scales, KDS Screens, Auxiliary Printers, etc. Those peripheral items would be covered under the standard warranty period (1 year)