Stockwell 2.0 - Best Practices for Item Selection


Computer vision (CV) technology utilize automatic product recognition capabilities to provide consumers the smoothest unattended retail shopping experience available on the market today. The more confident the automation is in recognizing the product being chosen, the faster and more accurate the transaction.

To let technology lead the way, this best practice guide recommends the packaging characteristics that help products stand out on the shelves of PicoCooler Vision and Stockwell devices. 

Keep high-traffic, public and semi-public locations confident in the transaction by leaning on these recommendations for merchandising 365 smart coolers and cabinets. For additional information, please contact your 365 sales representative or support. 



Recommendations are divided into three main categories: beverages, prepackaged snacks/sundries, and fresh food products.


Beverages and Prepackaged Snacks/ Sundries

Packaging requirements include the following: 

  • Labels with highly distinguishable characteristics
  • Height or width: more than 4 inches
    • Ensures products remain visible and identifiable, even when held by hands of average size. 

The vast majority of products in the beverage and prepackaged snacks/sundries categories align well with these specifications, especially those that are targeted for sale in our high capacity, grab and go locations.  


Examples of Approved Products

Standard can of Coca-Cola: 4.8 inches

Standard bottle of Children’s Tylenol: 4.5 inches

9.25 oz bag of Doritos: 12.75 inches



Examples of Unsupported Products

Standard 5-hour Energy shot: 2 inches

Single package dose of Tylenol: 2 inches

Pack of Extra gum: 3 inches



Fresh Food Products

Fresh food options, such as products prepared and packaged in your on-site kitchen, do not have labels with highly distinguishable characteristics. Therefore, no matter their size, these products are not supported.