Parlevel - Configuring Power Loss Settings for a Premio CPU on a Kiosk


Entailed in this article are the steps necessary for configuring the AC Power Loss settings on a Premio CPU, which is one of several types of CPU found in Parlevel kiosks. The AC Power Loss settings are typically enabled when kiosks have been found to not boot up again automatically after a power loss. 

Please note that the following instructions will likely be relayed to a customer during a troubleshooting session.


  1. Attached a working USB keyboard to the kiosk.

  2. Reboot the kiosk by exiting the kiosk application with Ctrl+Q, opening the desktop menu with Windows+M, and then selecting Restart.

  3. While the kiosk is booting up, press the Delete key repeatedly.

  4. On the password prompt that appears, enter the password parlevelisawesome
    - If the prompt does not appear, you may need to repeat steps 2-3.

  5. Use the arrow keys to move right and select Chipset.
  6. Use the arrow keys to select South Bridge.
  7. Use the arrow keys to select Restore AC Power Loss.
  8. Select Power On and hit Enter.
  9. Hit Escape.

  10. Use the arrow keys to select Save & Exit.
  11. Select Save Changes and Restart, and then Yes to confirm.