Parlevel - How to Run a CTMS Check on a Kiosk PayPlus Card Reader


A CTMS Check is used to verify the card reader's connection to the network as well as receive any settings or updates. We recommend running a CTMS Check when first installing the card reader on a kiosk or what it is having issues authorizing transactions. These devices will also run an automatic CTMS Check every evening around 2AM.


  1. Tap 5 times on the bottom half of the card reader screen to bring up the Basic Information screen (This is where you can check the connection type, cellular signal strength, and the device’s serial number).

    Step 1.jpeg

  2. Tap anywhere on the information screen and a field will appear to enter a password. The password will be 1234. On the menu that appears select CTMS, then CTMS Check, and select Yes when it asks you to confirm the action. 

    Step 2 (1).jpeg

    Step 2 (2).jpeg

  3. Verify all checks are completing successfully:
    • Network – verifies internet connection 
    • CTMS – verifies device is able to connect to the CTMS server
    • NTP – verifies local time (This will commonly fail when first installing the device, but the device will set itself to the local time after the first transaction) 
    • MDB – verifies MDB communication to kiosk CPU

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