ADM - Reporting - Amazon LP Report


Within ADM, Canteen/CFGs have a unique Amazon LP Role, which limits access to what Amazon personnel can see. One of those reports is the Sold Details report; however, it has Cost and Margin data on the report. This is more sensitive data that Operators don’t want clients to have access to.

To counter this, we have created the Amazon LP report in ADM. This report is very similar to the Sold Details report, but does not contain Cost and Margin information.



This report is available for users with the Amazon LP role. This role is a custom role-specific to the application.

The report can be scheduled. It can be exported as an Excel file, or a PDF. 

This report is available under the Transactions heading.


Report Format

  • Location: displays the location of the transaction

  • Device: displays the name of the device used 

  • Trans ID: the transactions ID against the customer and the location

  • Trans date: the date of the transaction

  • Date Created: the creation date

  • Product Name: the name of the product in the transaction

  • Scancode: the product's UPC number
  • Userkey: displays the userkey value

  • Customer: the name of the customer involved in the transaction

  • Pay Method: the method used to pay for the transaction, such as cash, credit/debit card, GMA, etc. 

  • Cat1, Cat2, and Cat3: displays the product category
  • Price: displays the price of the product

  • Tax 1, Tax 2, Tax 3, and Tax 4: displays the tax details
  • Deposit: displays the deposit amount

  • Discount: displays the discount, if any

  • Total Price: displays the total price of the transaction

  • Loyalty: displays the loyalty points of the customer


Example Report