ADM - Reports - Product Fee


In the Netherlands, there is a Single Use Plastic Fee regulation in place, which requires consumers to pay a fee when purchasing products in certain plastic containers. To comply with this new regulation, we have created this reporting feature, available for use across countries wherever required.



The ADM Product Fee feature allows ADM to have a setting that requires consumers to pay a fee when purchasing products in certain plastic containers, wherever there is a regulation to collect a fee for single use plastics. This means that there is a fee for each individual product, which is collected at the time of checkout, with the appropriate VAT/Tax applying for Single Use Plastics.


Selection/Filter Criteria

  • Report name (required) - Product Fee Reports

  • Date Range (required) - Dates could be selected based on the following: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 60 days, Last Week (SU-SA), Last Week (SA-FR), This Week, Last month, This Month, Current and Previous Month, Custom Range

  • Time Range (optional) - Has a hh:mm format (24 hours)

  • Location list (required) - Multiple selection of location is allowed

  • Active Locations Only - optional toggle


Selection Fields

ADM - Reports - Product Fee - settings.png


Report Details

  • Location - displays the location name

  • Device - displays the Device name

  • Trans Id - displays the Trans Id

  • Trans Date - displays the Trans Date

  • Product Name - displays the location name

  • Scancode - displays the scancode

  • Total Price - displays the Total Price per transaction

  • Product Fee - displays the Product Fee per transaction

  • Total VAT - displays the Total VAT per transaction

  • Product Fee VAT - displays the Product Fee VAT per transaction


ADM - Reports - Product Fee - example.png