LightSpeed - Epson Printer Cleaning Instructions


The purpose of this article is to detail recommended cleaning instructions for Epson printers used in LightSpeed services. Based on the manufacturer's recommendation, printers should be cleaned at least every 5-6 months to prevent jamming, or more frequently if possible, when using adhesive paper. (Epson recommends cleaning the printer after every roll to ensure consistent and reliable function, when using adhesive paper)



  1. Open the printer device to see the Print Head, Cutting Blade, and the Feed Lips (top and bottom). These are the primary surfaces requiring cleaning. See below image. (The print head is placed just beneath the feed lips and cutting blade, in the bottom of this image.)
    LightSpeed - Epson Printer Cleaning.png
  2. Clean these components using either a non-abrasive rag, cotton swabs, or a lens pen/other felt-tipped cleaning product, and isopropyl alcohol. Take care to not leave cotton swab fluff/residue on cutting surfaces if using cotton swabs.