MM6 Mini - PC - Actineon Silent 11M Troubleshooting


Actineon is the computer brand used in 365 MicroMarkets. This article will teach you how to identify and resolve cabling issues and operating system errors with an Actineon. 


Kiosk Has Black Screen 

A kiosk that has a black screen may not be receiving power to the CPU, or the monitor may be disconnected. Follow the steps below to identify and resolve this issue.


Verify the Kiosk Computer is Powered On

Complete the following steps to verify that the kiosk is plugged into a power source and is receiving power.

  • Open the kiosk and locate the PC. If it is turned off, press the Power button. If the PC is properly connected, the power button on the PC will be illuminated.

  • Verify that all the power cables to the PC are plugged in securely. The power USB-C cable for the PC is connected to the power USB-C port.

  • If everything is plugged in properly and the computer is not powering on, swap the power cable to another outlet on the surge protector, then press the Power button.

  • If the computer still fails to turn on, check the wall outlet. The computer inside each 365 MicroMarket is designed to power up when the kiosk receives power. If the wall outlet and UPS both work, but the computer fails to power on when connected, the computer may need to be replaced. Contact 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 for further assistance.


Verify the Monitor is Connected

  • If the kiosk computer powers on but nothing is displayed on the ELO Touchscreen, check that the HDMI cable is connected to the CPU.

  • If a spare monitor is available for testing, connect the monitor to the kiosk computer and confirm if a picture displays on the spare monitor.

For more on troubleshooting tips for the ELO Touchscreen, see the MicroMarket Hardware article ELO Touchscreen: Troubleshooting Common Issues. When the connection has been verified, make sure the monitor is powered on. 


Error: "Insert Boot Media" and "Select Proper Boot Device"

Error: "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key_" This error is symptomatic of hard drive failure inside the computer. Whether Windows eventually starts up, the computer will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Complete the following steps to attempt to temporarily restore service to the kiosk.

  1. Power down the computer by unplugging the power cable from the PowerVar UPS / battery backup. Do not unplug the UPS from the wall, as the computer will not shut off due to the battery backup running.

  2. Leave unplugged for one to two minutes. Plug the Power cable back in. The computer should automatically turn back on.

  3. If the CPU does not turn on automatically, check to see that the Power button is lit. If it is not, push the Power button to turn it back on.


V5 MicroMarket Operating System Errors

The following errors are Linux-based Operating System errors and impact V5 MicroMarkets only. Follow the steps below to resolve the errors.


Ubuntu GRUB – Memory Test

This error is something that can be easily bypassed. 

  1. Open the kiosk by removing the two screws on the back of the kiosk chassis.

  2. Plug in a USB keyboard to the kiosk computer. Press Enter to run the Memory Test and finish booting the kiosk 


BusyBox Errors

If an error is received with a V5 MicroMarket at a black screen including "Busy Box" or "Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.", take a picture of the error and contact 365Support at (888) 365-6282 or for further assistance.