MM6 Mini - Mini USB Speaker Replacement


This article outlines the steps for replacing the MM6 mini speaker.


Replacing the MM6 Mini USB Speaker 


  • Philips head screwdriver



  1. Unlock MM6 mini kiosk and open door

  2. Unplug the Scanner Cable (Red) and Speaker Cable (Pink)

    MM6 Mini - scanner and speaker cables highlighted.png
  3. Remove the two bottom screws from the scanner bracket

    MM6 Mini - scanner bracket screws.png
  4. Place your fingers on the speaker and pull the scanner out. The speaker has double-sided tape on it to connect it to the bracket, so there will be resistance when removing it. 

    MM6 Mini - removing speaker from tape.png
  5. Remove the old speaker

  6. Place double-sided tape on the back of the new speaker

    MM6 Mini - new speaker with tape.png
  7. With one hand, line up the speaker over the speaker holes. Next, place the scanner over the bracket and attach the bracket lip back over the speaker

    MM6 Mini - scanner attached to bracket lip.png
  8. Plug the cables back in

    MM6 Mini - scanner and speaker cables highlighted.png
  9. Close the kiosk