MM6 Mini - Change PC Power Adapter


This article explains how to replace a MM6 Mini PC Power Adapter.


MM6 Mini PC Power Adapter


  • 10mm Nut Driver



  1. Power down, Unplug MM6 Mini Kiosk

  2. Open MM6 Mini Kiosk

  3. With your 10mm Nut Driver, remove center nut from power cable bracket

    MM6 Mini - center nut from power cable bracket.png
  4. Lift on PC, to unhook from the bracket, then lift out toward you

  5. Unplug the power adapter located on the left side of the bracket

    MM6 Mini - power adapter.png
  6. Next, remove the screw from the plastic clamp and then remove the USB-C power cable

    MM6 Mini - screw attaching plastic clamp.png
  7. Remove the power adapter cable bundle from the bracket. The bundle will most likely be the one on top

    MM6 Mini - power adapter cable bundle.png
  8. With the new PC power adapter, pull out a some slack from the bundle, so there is enough cable to reach the PC

    MM6 Mini - power adapter cable bundle with some cable pulled out.png
  9. Place the cable bundle back in the cable / power brick bracket with the USB-C side facing the Right and the power adapter facing the Left

  10. Plug the USB-C Power cable into the PC and then reattach the plastic clamp

  11. Place the PC back onto its bracket and push down, gently, to lock in place
  12. Reattach power brick bracket with your 10mm Nut Driver

    MM6 Mini - center nut from power cable bracket.png
  13. Plug the adapter back in

    MM6 Mini - power adapter.png
  14. Connect your MM6 mini kiosk back into the main power outlet and confirm PC is now powering on properly and loading the kiosk UI