Parlevel - How to Find the Remote ID of a Parlevel Kiosk


In some instances, Parlevel Support may ask you to find the remote ID of a kiosk to assist in troubleshooting. The following instructions will walk you through the process of doing so. 


You will need to have a USB keyboard plugged into the kiosk to complete the steps below.


Please note that this process only applies to Max Kiosks and Mini 2.0s. Mini Kiosk 1.0s do not support remote capabilities. A Max Kiosk's Remote ID will begin with the letters PLK, e.g. PLK001023. A Mini 2.0's ID will begin with PLM2D, e.g. PLM2D000123. 


  1. On the keyboard, press Ctrl+Q to quit the kiosk application.

  2. From the desktop, hold ALT and then press TAB to see if Teamviewer is available as an option.
    - If so, press TAB until Teamviewer is highlighted.

  3. If Teamviewer is not available as an option in Step 2, press the Windows Key + M to open the desktop menu.

  4. From the menu, use the arrow keys to highlight the Terminal Emulator and press Enter.

  5. In the terminal, enter 'teamviewer' and press Enter.

  6. The following screen that pops up should be a Teamviewer screen displaying an ID and a password. Please take note of both for Parlevel Support. 

  7. If nothing is shown or you receive back cmd not found, ensure you are still in the Terminal Emulator.
    - If you are not, press Windows Key + T to enter.

  8. In the Terminal, type 'splashtop-streamer config-list' , exactly as shown without the single apostrophes.

  9. If you have entered the command correctly, the Computer Name section will list the Remote ID of the kiosk, shown below. Please take note of this for Parlevel Support.