EverMart Config App - Planogram Settings


This article explains how to use the Evermart Config app to create a planogram for the PicoCooler Breeze

A planogram should be created when the cooler and the Pico are in Service Mode. It needs to be created during the first-time setup or if swapping out a product type/introducing a new product type. The planogram should NOT be edited when simply restocking.

To learn how to create a planogram without the app, see the PicoCooler Breeze - Operator Guide.


Create Planogram and Stock the Cooler

The layout of the inventory in a cooler is defined by a planogram. The planogram allows the system to automatically detect what product is being removed from the shelf and will allow the system to alert the consumer if a product is put into the wrong place when they are putting an item back. The planogram also communicates with restocking mode in the Evermart Config app to display product placement for drivers. 


  1. On the Pico device, tap the upper left corner 5 times to access the Driver Menu.

  2. On the Driver Menu screen, enter your PIN.
    • PINs for accounts are set up under Users and Roles in ADM. 

  3. Click the Start Service Mode button.

  4. The following screen will display.  

  5. In addition to putting the Pico in Service Mode, you will also need to put the cooler in Service Mode. To do so, open and close the cooler three times in a row.
    (If you need further assistance with the cooler process, contact MinusForty at (800) 800-5706 for assistance.)

  6. Once the Pico and cooler are in Service Mode, open the Evermart Config app on your mobile device and click the Planogram tab.


  7. Verify the Recognition state is turned On. If it is not, toggle it on.

  8. Click the Activate Auto Planogram button.

  9. This will show black rectangles, which represent the top view of the shelves. There should be no dots on this screen yet, as we are starting a brand new planogram with an empty cooler.
    NOTE: A planogram must be created for each shelf, and only ONE shelf can be done at a time.

  10. Scan the product you would like to add to the planogram on the Evermart IGD's barcode scanner (under the built-in display), then place the product where you would like it to go in the cooler. Wait for confirmation from the IGD's display that it has registered the product. You will also hear a beep.
    • If a product is not found when scanning it on the IGD, verify the product is added into the database and extended to the location in ADM (See ADM - Add, Edit, or Extend a Product). The IGD is communicating with the product database from ADM to determine what product the UPC belongs to.

    Pico Cooler Breeze - Scanner highlighted.png
  11. Repeat the steps above for each product you need to program into the planogram. 

  12. Once you have finished the planogram, click the Finalize Planogram button.

  13. The planogram has been completed. The system now knows what products belong on which shelves and where on the shelf they are located.

  14. The planogram is created by scanning and placing one of each product type (i.e. Coke, then Sprite, then Pepsi) in the desired locations, as described above. Now that this has been done, you will need to stock the cooler completely. Follow the steps in the Restock Cooler section.

  15. Close the cooler door and verify that Service Mode is exited out of on the Pico. The point of sale should reload.


View Current Planogram/Inventory

  1. Open the Evermart config app, then click on the Inventory icon at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Click the Inventory button from the Inventory tab. This will display the current planogram/inventory in the cooler shelf by shelf from top to bottom (from one to five). The dots pictured on the planogram may overlap because of the measured values distorted by the pushers.
  3. Click on a shelf to see a detailed list of items on that shelf.
    • Each green title shows what the container should hold, and the lists below them
      show the actual products that are in the container.
  4. For instructions on restocking the PicoCooler Breeze, see Restock Cooler. For instructions on removing product(s) from inventory, see the Remove Product(s) From Inventory section.


Change Products on a Planogram

This section will show how to swap out products for different products in your cooler.

  1. On the Pico device, tap the upper left corner 5 times to access the Driver Menu.

  2. On the Driver Menu screen, enter your PIN.
    • PINs for accounts are set up under Users and Roles in ADM.  
  3. Click the Start Service Mode button.

  4. The following screen will display.  

  5. In addition to putting the Pico in Service Mode, you will also need to put the cooler itself in restocking mode. If you are not familiar with putting the cooler in restocking mode, contact MinusForty at (800) 800-5706 for instructions.

  6. Open the Evermart Config app and click the Planogram tab at the bottom.


  7. Tap on the Activate Auto Planogram button.

  8. Empty the selected row or rows by removing products one by one.

  9. When empty, scan the new products and start putting them into the empty row one by one. (only the first one has to be scanned each time you start adding a different product.)

  10. As soon as the inventory is refilled, tap on the Finalize Planogram button. This will stop the Auto Planogram mode.


Bulk Stocking 

Bulk stocking mode allows the operator to stock the cooler faster by eliminating the need to wait for a recognition beep after placing each product. Operators can fill the shelves after scanning the first corresponding product, without the need to wait for the corresponding recognition beep. The system will detect the weight change and calculate the amount of products filled based on the planogram weight registered for the given shelf.

For example, an operator can scan a Coke 12 oz/330ml can, then place 4 cans rapidly one after another. The system will recognize the total weight change of 1,320g (330g x 4) and calculate the amount filled as 4 cans. If needed, the Operator can correct the filled amount using the Evermart config app.


NOTE: Bulk stocking mode is available for cooler framework version 1.1.0 and above.

Please download the newest version of the Evermart Config app to activate bulk stocking mode.


Activating the “bulk stocking” mode

  1. Download the latest Evermart Config app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

  2. Connect the app to the PicoCooler Breeze

  3. Tap the cabinet config menu

    Evermart Config App - Cabinet icon.png
  4. Enter Cabinet Configuration menu by tapping the Change button

    Evermart Config App - Change Cabinet configuration.png
  5. Tap Download button to download the cabinet configuration

  6. Scroll down to the configuration page and enable the Bulk Stocking.

    Evermart Config App - Bulk Stocking enabled.png
  7. Hit the Upload button to upload the configuration to the cooler.


How to use “Bulk Stocking”

To use this feature, navigate to the Inventory tab and tap the Stock button.

Evermart Config App -  Stock button.png

This will open the Product list page. On this page, you can see the actual number of products stocked during the bulk stocking session. The black number indicates the correctly placed products, while the red number shows corrupted products. The gray coil with no number represents an unreserved rack.

A product can be corrupted if it’s an unknown product, a misplaced product or registered with different from normal weight. These issues need to be corrected by the Operator before ending restocking and leaving the site.


After clicking the green button with three white lines in the bottom right corner, the Operator can see the cumulative list of products and the total number of each product available in the cooler. After tapping the details button, a popup will show with planogram data for the chosen product.
Return to coil view by tapping the "Menu item" button.

Evermart Config App - Product List screenshot followed by a Product Information page.png


Checking and correcting inventory after a bulk stocking


The system calculates the refilled amount of each product by dividing the total weight change by the planogram weight of the given product. By looking at the Product list page, Operators can verify if the number displayed matches the number of products in the cooler. If there is a difference, Operators can modify by tapping on the coil they want to change the quantity for and modify the number of Pieces. The Update button will finalize the change.


Evermart Config App - Location of Product Listing Amount drop down option.png


NOTE: It is not possible to change these values while the cooler is in shopping mode - an active service mode session is required to make the changes.