OptConnect - Signal Boosters


The purpose of this article is to outline when a Signal Booster could be used in conjunction with an OptConnect device to create a better service environment. Please note: not every location will benefit from a Signal Booster, changing Service Providers (From AT&T to Version or vise-versa) first may provide better signal.


A Signal Booster works as a passive signal amplifier. In a cellular service environment, this mean the signal booster will amplify both the used Carrier Signal (AT&T, Version, etc.) and any surrounding signal noise.

Signal Boosters should only be used in locations where the Carrier Signal has High Signal Quality but Low Signal Strength. Please contact the 365 Support Team at (888) 365-6282 or the OptConnect Support Team at (877) 678-3343 so they may determine if a particular service area has the appropriate circumstances that would benefit from a Signal Booster.