AVLive - Creating a Credit Card License


When creating a machine in AV Live, you may encounter a popup with the title Test Mode or Use License. It will ask if you would like to use a created card license or create a test machine. 


AVLive - Test Mode or Use License pop up.png

This article explains what these two options are, which option to choose, and how to fix the settings if you may have selected the wrong one.


What is a Test Machine?

A test machine is a machine you can link your PicoVend and PicoVend Mini card readers to. It will function like a normal card reader, though it will not take any payments even if a real card is used.

This can be good for setting up or troubleshooting a machine, but is not for normal use.



To learn more about entering and exiting Test Service Mode, please see the article PicoVend - Operator Menu Information


What is a Credit Card License?

A credit card license is a specific ID that each card reader uses to process transactions. This also includes debit cards or digital wallets. Generally, you will want a credit card license, and they are easy to get if you do not have one.


How to create a credit card license for a test machine

  1. To create a credit card license for a test machine, click on the machine name.

  2. You can see if a machine is in test mode by hovering over the red exclamation point. If it says TEST CC - CC INACTIVE, the machine will need a license to process transactions.

    AVLive - Machine in Test Service Mode - TEST CC - CC INACTIVE.jpg
  3. Click on the machine’s name to open the settings, then navigate to the Processor tab in the settings of your machine. 

  4. Select "Create Heartland Device." This will give the machine a license and take it out of test mode. You will be sent back to the home page.
    AVLive - Edit Machine page.png