PicoVend - Operator Menu Information


This article is to explain each button and field in the PicoVend Operator Menu. This should help you get familiar with your tools and help you troubleshoot your devices.


PicoVend Operator Menu Options

Main Actions

The main actions available through this menu can be accomplished by selecting on the of the center buttons of the screen. Continue reading for descriptions of each. 

PicoVend - Operator Menu - Main Action buttons highlighted.png

  • Service Completed – Refills inventory to par and logs out.

  • Show MDB Log – This is a diagnostic tool. Please contact support if needed.

  • Test Machine Credit – Starts a test vend and sends credit to machine without swiping a credit card.

  • Reboot – Turns the card reader off and reloads it.

  • Go To Launcher – For more advanced settings on the device (generally only needed with AV Support assistance).

  • Switch Environment – Changes operating mode. This should always be left alone, or it can affect credit card processing. Change is only needed with AV Support assistance.

  • Update Machine Name – Change your machine name that is displayed in AV Live.

  • Update App – Update the software of your card reader. This button will have Green when an update is available or Gray when it is not.

    PicoVend - Operator Menu - Focused on Gray Update App button.png
  • Update OS – Update the operating system of your card reader. Not necessary for average function and will take 45 minutes to an hour and a half to complete. (Generally only needed with AV Support assistance). This button will have Green when an update is available or Gray when it is not.

    PicoVend - Operator Menu - Focused on Green Update OS button.png
  • Add Login Card – Add an operator card to log in to this device. You can use almost any magnetic stripe card for this.

  • Wi-Fi – Opens the Wi-Fi connection screen where you can set up a local network.


Test Service Mode 

This switch allows the device to vend with no charges. You will still have to swipe a card, however it will not charge the card/pend any amount.


PicoVend - Operator Menu - Test Service Mode highlighted.png


Device Information

Device information is available in two spots on the main PicoVend Operator Menu screen : in the upper right-hand corner and at the bottom above the Back button. 

PicoVend - Operator Menu - Device Information sections highlighted.png

Upper right-hand corner Device Information

  • Year.#.#.# - Denotes the software version

  • LTE/Wi-Fi – Denotes the connection type

  • -## - Denotes the strength of the connection. Will show just a dash and no number if no connection.

  • Globe icon – Green/Red color will denote if the reader can connect to AV Live on the current network


Lower Device Information

  • Modem – Will be checked when the device is recognizing the SIM card.

  • MDB Communicating – Will be checked when the vending machine has allowed the reader to take payments.

  • MDB Available – Will be checked when the device can see the MDB line of the vending machine. The number will show the current MDB software version.

  • Payment Initialized – Both Internet and vending machine connection are good and connected

  • Serial Number – Shows the serial number/device ID of this device

  • Machine ID – Shows the machine ID that it is linked to in AV Live