ADM - Reporting - Cashier Cancelled Report


This ADM Transactions report is used to view a cashier cancelled items based on cashier, location, number of transactions with cancellations, number of cancelled items, average cancellations per shift, and total cancelled sales for one or more locations.

Report can be scheduled and Excel, PDF export are enabled. Dining Cashier Service locations can generate this report.


Selection/Filter Criteria

To create this report, the operator will need the following: 

  • Report name (required) - name of the report. The default value is "Cashier Cancelled Report"
  • Date Range (required) - Dates can be selected based on the following:
    • Custom Range
    • Yesterday
    • Today
    • Last 7 days
    • Last 30 days
    • Last 60 days
    • Last Week (SU-SA)
    • Last Week (SA-FR)
    • This Week
    • Last month
    • This Month
    • Current and Previous Month
  • Time Range (optional) - Has a hh:mm format (24 hours)
  • Location list (required) - Multiple selection of location is allowed.
  • Active Locations Only - toggle the active locations to be reported on


Selection Fields

ADM - Reports - Cashier Cancelled Report - input example.png


Report Details

The columns in the finished report will detail the following: 

  • Cashier - This will display Cashier name
  • Location - This will display the Location of the cashier
  • # of Transactions with cancellations - This will display the number of cancellations for the cashier 
  • # of Cancelled Items - The total number of cancelled items for the cashier
  • Average Cancellations per shift - The average number of canceled items per shift
  • Total cancelled Sales - The total dollar amount of all the cancelled items


ADM - Reports - Cashier Cancelled Report - output example.png