ADM - Change Receipt Text


The purpose of this article is to outline how to create custom receipt headers and footers in ADM. Operators may customize their receipt text to a unique location, current event or promotional deal, etc. 



  1. Log in to ADM.

  2. The Location Tab will now be visible, which is the home page of ADM. From the Location Tab, click on the location you would like to change the receipt of.

  3. The Location Summary page will now display for that location. A blue bar near the top of the screen reads "Click here for location information and settings (+)". Click on this bar to display the full Location Information section. 

    ADM - Location Summary - Click here for location information and settings button
  4. Scroll down to locate the fields for 'Receipt Header' and 'Receipt Footer'. Change the text in those fields to the desired message.

    ADM receipt Header and Footer.png
  5. Select the red 'Update Prices & Full Sync' button. 

    Red Update Prices and Full Sync Button.png
  6. It is recommended to preform a test transaction to confirm the text shows on the printed receipt.