365 Dining - ADM - KDS Scheduled Reboot


The purpose of this article is to provide steps to set a scheduled KDS reboot. A reboot should be scheduled for when the KDS is not expected to be in use, or the facility is closed for the day. Regular scheduled reboots are a general maintenance feature that can improve long term function of the KDS device.



  1. Log into ADM

  2. On the Location List, select the location where you would like to schedule the reboot

  3. The Location Summary page will now load. From here, select the KDS tab. 

    ADM - Location Summary - KDS tab.png
  4. On the KDS tab, under the Devices heading, select the desired KDS

    ADM - Location Summary - KDS tab - Devices and Screens.png
  5. The KDS Edit Device Configuration screen will now display. Changing the Scheduled option to Yes will allow you to schedule the reboot of the KDS. This can be set to a certain day of the week, or daily, depending on your needs. You may also select what time this reboot occurs, with the default being 11:50 PM.

    Ready Touch - KDS Reboot settings.png
  6. Once you have made your changes to your schedule, select Save. 

  7. You will now be taken back to the Location Summary screen. From here, select the Update Prices & Full Sync button.