MM6 and MM6 Mini - Castles to OTI Swap Process


The purpose of this article is to describe switching from a Castle card reader to OTI card reader on MM6 and MM6 Mini Kiosk replacement process.




Castles to OTI Replace Kit

The Castles to OTI replacement kit contains the following. Please note: an appropriate screwdriver will also be required.

  • OTI Reader - 10-0116
  • 4 screws - 60-0109
  • 2 Flat Washer - 60-0167
    Castles to OTI replace kit.png

How To Replace Castles for OTI Reader

  1. Unlock and open MM6 Mini Kiosk.

  2. Remove the following from the back of the Castles Reader:
    • Molex cable
    • Ethernet cable
    • USB-A
      MM6 Mini - removing credit card reader cables.jpg

  3. Tuck the Molex, USB-A, and Ethernet cable into the side of the kiosk frame.
    MM6 Version:
    MM6 Mini - Castle cables tucked into kiosk frame.png

    MM6 Mini Version: 
    MM6 mini- Castle cables tucked into kiosk frame.png.png

  4. Remove the 4 screws from the back of the Castles reader and remove the reader from the kiosk bezel.
    Castles to OTI remove screws.png

  5. Take your OTI reader and feed all of the USB cable through the opening shown 
    Castles to OTI cable feed through.png

  6. Line up the OTI reader as shown in the picture below and attach reader starting from the bottom.
  7. Now place your screws through the washers and attach them to the top of the reader.
    Castles to OTI screws washers.png

  8. Run the OTI USB cable through the clamp
    MM6 Version: 
    Castles to OTI cable with clamp.png

    MM6 Mini Version: 
    MM6 Mini -  OTI Cable clamp.png

  9. Secure with in the loom tubing, then plug the OTI USB cable into an open USB port on the PC.
    MM6 Version:
    Castles to OTI PC cable connect.png

    MM6 Mini Version:
    MM6 Mini -  OTI Cable into PC.png
  10. Bundle the USB cord slack and secure with a zip or twist tie
    MM6 Mini Version:
    MM6 Mini - Castles USB cord secured with twist tie.png

  11. Tuck the bundled cable behind the Kiosk bezel next to the OTI reader
    MM6 Mini version: 

    MM6 Mini -  cables behind bezel next to the OTI reader.png