Avanti: Installing Market Application and Registering Kiosk


Please remember the best place to setup the kiosk and test it, is at your HQ/Shop where you know the network is meeting Avanti networking requirements to properly test before deploying to a customer location. This will also let you know immediately if there are issues with the customers network that need to be mitigated immediately after installation for a properly functioning kiosk.

  1. Make sure the PC is powered on, and has an internet connection.
  2. Double click "SLABB SETUP" on the desktop.
  3. "Do you want this app to make changes...?" click YES
  4. PC will install market application then reboot
  5. When desktop comes up, it will flash and then the AVMX1-# will be assigned in the top right corner
  6. Run Slabb Setup again
  7. "Do you want this app to make changes...?" click YES
  8. PC will install bomgar and complete application setup
  9. Fill out the kiosk setup form and click submit
  10. The PC will reboot

    11. When the desktop comes back up, the registration form will pop up

   12.  Use the organization email on the Organization page then click Register Kiosk

   13.  The market app will open once successfully registered


If you are still having problems, please use the following link and call us when you are ready for a session key to be entered.