Castle Reader - Replacement Process for V5 Devices


The purpose of this article is to outline the process for swapping out/replacing a Castles Card Reader in V5 devices. 



Hardware Installation

  1. Unplug the MDB connector, Ethernet cable, and USB plug.
  2. Check the screen to make sure the unit has powered down. The screen on the Castles CC reader should go black.

  3. Using a #1 Phillips head screwdriver, remove the 4 silver mounting screws around the outside of the card reader on the back. Retain the screws for reinstallation of the new reader.
  4. Install the replacement reader using the 4 mounting screws and a #1 Phillips head screwdriver.

  5. Plug the MDB, ethernet, and USB cables back in. You should hear a slight click when the MDB is fully seated.


Hardware Installation

  1. While on the main screen of the kiosk, tap on the top left-hand of the screen 5 times in quick succession. This will take you to the Driver Login screen. Make note of the IP address located on the bottom left (right below the login button).
  2. Access the PAYAPI screen of the Castle card reader by performing the actions listed below:
    1. Tap the bottom-left corner of the screen four times
    2. Tap the top-left corner of the screen four times

  3. Enter the IP of the kiosk (located on the kiosk’s screen mentioned above) into the NEW IP field on the card reader.

  4. Press OK. The device will reboot and now be in sync with the new IP of the kiosk.
    Castle reader Payapi screen.png