CK - Fingerprint Cover Installation Guide


This is guide will take you through the steps for removing the fingerprint reader and installing the blank plate on FEC Kiosks (floor and table). This allows the kiosk to operate as normal without the fingerprint reader. 

Required Tools

  • 7 mm nut driver
  • Wire cutters
    7mm Nut Driver.png


  1. Unlock the kiosk and expansion unit
    CK Kiosk.png

  2. Pull both bezels toward you, so you can see inside the unit. 

  3. Remove the USB cable for the fingerprint.
    CK Kiosk - Hard Drive - USB connection to Fingerprint Reader.png

  4. In the bezel with the fingerprint reader, take your 7 mm nut driver and remove the 3 nuts holding the fingerprint reader in place. Keep the nuts, as you will be reusing them to install the bracket.
    CK Kiosk - Finger Print Reader - Remove nuts.png

  5. Remove the fingerprint reader and the fingerprint plate
    CK - Fingerprint reader removed.png

  6. Cut the three wires connected to the PIN connector on the Fingerprint reader, and tuck the remaining wire into the unit
    CK Kiosk - Finger Print Reader - PIN Connector wires highlighted.png

  7. Place the metal plate where the fingerprint reader was. Use the nuts and your 7 mm nut driver to fasten the plate to the kiosk and lock the kiosk.
    CK Kiosk - Fingerprint reader cover - nuts being reinstalled.png

  8. Close the kiosk and expansion unit. The process is now complete. 
    CK Kiosk - Fingerprint reader cover installed.png