Parlevel - VMS - Promotions


This article explains how to use the Promotions feature of the Parlevel VMS. The Promotions module has several components: a promotions engine, a promotions builder, a test card and reporting module in the VMS, an implementation for the Parlevel Micro Markets, and also for the Koin mobile app.


Promotions in VMS

The Promotions feature is available in VMS, under the Markets menu option. The Promotions module has three sections: Promotions, Redemptions and Transactions.

Parlevel VMS - Promotions.png


All your promotions will be listed in the Promotions Section. You’ll be able to see the promotion name, accounts where the promotion is present, if the promotion is enabled, the start date, and end date, if applicable.

Parlevel VMS - Promotions Page.png


In the Redemptions Section, you will find a summary of all the promotions redeemed.

Parlevel VMS - Promotions Page - Redemptions.png


The Transactions Section lists transactions where a promotion was redeemed.

Parlevel VMS - Promotions Page - Transactions.png


Create a Promotion

  1. Log into Parlevel Systems VMS
  2. Select the Markets option from the menu, then select Promotions from the resulting drop-down menu. 

  3. Select the New Promotion button.
    Parlevel VMS - New Promotion Button.png

  4. The Create Promotion modal will be displayed.
    Parlevel VMS - Create Promotion - General.png


Customize your promotion

You can customize the following:

  • Set a Custom Duration (start and end date)
  • Set a Custom Schedule
  • Select days when the promotions will be available
  • Select the time start and end times per day of the week
  • You can use the "Enable" option to disable/enable the promotion. You have control over when the promotion will be available. This can be done until you are sure the promotion works as you expect it. 
    Parlevel VMS - Create Promotion - Customization.png


Products included in the Promotion

You’ll be able to create promotions that apply to a single product or a tag. A tag in this case is a way to set products grouped with your own business rules.

Multiple products, multiple tags, and a combination of both products and tags are also supported. 

Parlevel VMS - Create Promotion - Products Involved.png


The Promotions Module is very flexible and allows for a combination of multiple scenarios. They can be categorized into the following types of promotions:

  • Buy X, get Y Free (ex: "Red Bull 12oz Buy 2, Get 1 Free")
  • Buy X, get Y at a discounted price (ex: "Red Bull Buy 2, Get 1 at 10% off")
  • Combos or Meal deals (ex: "Buy any Sandwich and any Coke, get any Chips free")
  • Discounts on single products (ex: "Pepsi 12oz 10% off on Fridays")
  • Discounts on tags (ex: "Any Chips 50% off")

They can also be applied at repeating days or times (example: "Turkey Sandwiches 50% off on Fridays")



The type of discount can be one of three types:

  • Discount by percentage
  • Discount by dollar amount
  • Discount by setting a fixed dollar amount


Price Restrictions

You can specify a price restriction for your promotion to be valid. This can be accomplished by setting a minimum and maximum price for the product in production. This means that the promotion will only be valid if the product price or tag in the promo is within the minimum and maximum specified price.

The screenshot below is an example where the 10% discount will only be applied if the price of the Coke Can 12oz is between $1.00 and $3.00. If the price is below $1.00 or greater than $3.00, the promotion will be ignored.

Parlevel VMS - Create Promotion - Products Involved - Product Details.png


Assign promotions to Accounts

You can create a promotion that applies to all your Accounts, or you can select the accounts you want to be part of the promotion you are creating/editing.

Parlevel VMS - Edit Promotion - Accounts.png


Customer View

Micro Market Kiosk

Below is an example of promotions applied in the Cart screen of the Micro Market kiosk

Parlevel - Customer View - Cart with Promotions.png


Koin Mobile App

Promotions in the Koin App will be displayed as shown in the following images.