Parlevel - Koin 2.7.0 (Build 272)


This article outlines the changes to Koin Micro Markets as of the Koin 2.7.0 (Build 272) release. 



What's New 

Scan Library

  • The previous scanning library has been removed, and replaced by the Scandit library
    Parlevel - Koin - Scan QR of the Market located in the machine.jpg

View Mode

Now Koin has a new option to exit view mode by typing the new market code created (VMS setting).

We included another option to skip QR scanning. The market code can be found in the same page as the QR scanning, do so by clicking on the tab “Enter code” and enter the market code (the new VMS setting)

Parlevel - Koin - Scan QR of the Market located in the machine - Enter Code.jpgParlevel - Micro Markets - Market Code.png


Items with $0 Price

Now Koin has the setting to allow/disallow selling items with $0 price (VMS setting).

Now Koin will verify the VMs have active (or disabled) status to let user buy market items with $0 price.

Parlevel - Koin - SEll $0 items = No.png

If this setting is enabled for the market, Koin will let users buy items with $0 price, otherwise it prompts a message indicating that this product can't be added to their cart.

Parlevel - Alert - Not Possible to add $0 price item.jpg

Now Koin has the setting that checks if it is necessary to scan the QR for buying items(VMS setting).

This setting can be found on the "Edit Account" section

Parlevel - Micro Market settings - Scan code for purchase = Yes.png

If this setting is in the state 'ON', it means that Koin will require scanning the QR for the first time that the user wants to make a purchase (and will not be required again). However, scanning the Market QR will be required the next time the user changes the market and has not scanned the new Market's QR yet.
If the setting is 'OFF', Koin will let the user make a purchase without scanning the QR market’s code.