Coop2Go - Operator Guide


Coop2Go is a rewards program that has wide customer use in Switzerland. 365 offers a point program integration with V5 kiosks between Selecta MicroMarkets and the ADM platform. 

Customers will be able to use their Supercard to earn points for each purchase where the total amount is greater than one Swiss franc. All purchases, regardless of the payment method, are qualified for earning points. 


Request This Feature

This feature is not turned on by default. Please contact 365Support at (888) 365-6282 or to have this feature enabled.


ADM Settings

  1. Log in to ADM

  2. Select the Location where you would like to utilize Coop2Go

  3. In the Info section, you will see a new list of Coop2Go settings. Here, you may change the settings as needed, such as the store name and number, the username and password, and the amount of Coop2Go Points earned for every Swiss franc spent. 
    All purchases, regardless of payment method, can be used to earn points.

    Info settings - Coop2Go.png
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Info section and select the Save button. Then select the Update Prices and Full Sync button. Confirm that the sync has been implemented by selecting the relevant device and navigating to the Device Summary


The Customer Experience

Once you have implemented Coop2Go at your location, your customers will be able to select a Scan Coop2Go button from their cart screen. It will appear next to "Your Order" text. 
Scan Coop2Go button on Your Order.png


After they select the Scan Coop2Go button and successfully scan their Supercard, their Coop2Go account will be connected to the order, and a Rewards Linked button will appear where the Coop2Go button used to be.



How are Coop2Go points calculated? 

All purchases, regardless of the payment method, are qualified for the calculation of points. The standard amount is 1 Coop2Go point per 1 Swiss franc. The amount of points earned per Swiss franc can be adjusted by the operator, and can go as high as 25 points per Swiss franc. 

Points are always rounded down. For example, for a transaction equal to 3.75 CHF rounds down to 3 points.


Will Coop2Go work when the kiosk is offline?

Yes, Coop2Go will still function even if the kiosk is offline. Once the kiosk has reconnected, the Coop2Go points will be applied retroactively to the transactions that occurred while it was offline. 


Where can a customer see their Coop2Go points?

Customers can see the amount of Coop2Go points they have on the Coop2Go app. The customer's account is associated with their phone number or email address. 


How can a consumer use their Coop2Go points? 

Coop2Go points can be redeemed at a Coop2Go store.