Stockwell 2.0 - Store Schema


Every Stockwell 2.0 store will have a blank Schema template associated with a location's device. The 365 Implementation team will create and link the schema from ADM to the Stockwell Webapp.

Schemas can be changed at anytime. For instance, if you have multiple Stockwell's that will have matching schemas, you can create a new template to share with multiple stores. This will allow you to change products out on a single template, which will update products on all Stockwells associated with that template.


Add Products to ADM

The first step to this process is adding products into ADM. If you are not already familiar with this process, please see our article ADM - Add, Edit, or Extend a Product


Add Products to the Stockwell 2.0 Schema

Once products are added into ADM and extended to your Location in ADM, the next step is to add the products to your market's schema.

  1. Log into ADM

  2. Select the desired location, which will take you to the Location Summary screen

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Products tab, which is between Devices and Promotions. Select Manage Planogram to be taken to your location's Stockwell 2.0 schema.

  4. Click on the Merchandising menu on the top left of the page and select Store Schema Tool


    In the upper right-hand corner, select + CREATE TEMPLATE. Do not select the location on this page, as your changes will only affect a product on that market, not the template itself. 
    Create Template.png

  5. Enter the desired name for the template, then choose STOCKWELL 2.0 from the drop-down list

  6. Select the Template you want to use from the drop-down bar

  7. Check the boxes of the stores you want associated to that template

  8. Select Submit and validate if you want the template moved to Staging or Production
    • Staging - moves it to the Staging location, allowing you to make changes to the products
    • Production - moves the schema to Production, confirming the products added are in the physical store
  9. Close Tab when you see the SUCCESS Message