CK - Castle Tap to Pay Troubleshooting


To instruct a service technician on how to troubleshoot Tap to Pay issues on a CK Castles Device.


What is Tap to Pay?

Tap to Pay, or sometimes referred to as contactless payment, uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to process payments.

Tap to Pay can be supported by (but not limited to) the following types of devices.

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Smartphones
  • Smart Watches

Is It Supported?

  • Tap to Pay may not be supported by all devices.
  • On a credit/debit card, you will see a wireless symbol Contactless, card, pay, payment icon - Free download on the front or back of the card if it is supported.
  • For smartphones and smart watches, you can enable NFC through your device Settings. If NFC is not an option in your Settings, your device may not support it. Please contact your service provider if you need assistance.
    • Smartphones and smart watches require an app to be set up with your credit card information in order to use this feature.

Castle Troubleshooting

If it's reported that Tap to Pay isn't working on a Castle, there are steps listed below that you may follow to help determine the issue and possibly get it to work again.

Determine the Issue

You will first need to determine what is happening when Tap to Pay is reported "not working".

The kiosk and Castle reader do not respond to the NFC payment.

  1. Check that the Castle is able to accept other payment methods. i.e. Chip insert or Swipe.
  2. Determine the version of the Castle. It must be on version 3.19 or later in order to use Tap to Pay.
    • You can check the version by tapping the top left corner and top right corner of the Castle screen back and forth about 6 times until the version number is displayed.
  3. Verify that the device being used is enabled for Tap to Pay.
    • Smartphones and smart watches may have to be unlocked and/or have the appropriate application running in order to function.
  4. It is not possible for a credit/debit card to work normally while a smartphone does not, or vice versa. If one or the other works on the Castle, then the troubleshooting needs to done with the device that the payment did not work for.

Received error message "Please use another form of Payment."

  1. This error message is a Decline of the payment method used. Tap to Pay is processed by banks differently than a chip insert or swipe, so Tap to Pay may Decline while a chip insert or swipe on the same credit card works.
  2. If this message appears for any type of payment(tap, swipe, chip) with the same card, try a different payment method.

Received error message "System has been reset due to an error."

  1. This error message may be caused by a hangup in the kiosk's software and is not related to the Castle or the payment method being used. Rebooting the kiosk will resolve this issue.

If all else fails:

  1. If you're still at a loss for an issue with the Castle, rebooting the Castle and the Kiosk should resolve the issue.

Contact Support

You may need to contact CK Support to assist you with your issue if any of the following is true:

  • Castle is not on 3.19 or later and needs to be updated.
  • Receiving error message on all payment types, including multiple credit/debit cards or smart devices, when using the Castle.
  • Castle is not displaying the CK logo and rebooting the kiosk, router, and Castle does not resolve the issue.
  • Other issues that there is not a resolve for in this guide.

You may contact Support via phone or email: 877-280-7373;

If you are at the kiosk needing assistance, it is recommended to call instead of email for faster service.

It is advised to have the necessary tools available for troubleshooting the Castle when calling in. This will include a USB A to USB B adapter and keyboard and a key to open the kiosk.