Stockwell 2.0 - UK / EU - Setup Guide


This article serves as the user guide for the Stockwell 2.0 device in the EU and UK. It covers how to move the device into the desired location and how to set it up. 

For common questions about the device, and information on troubleshooting steps, please see the Stockwell 2.0 - UK/EU - Troubleshooting Guide.

For information on the Stockwell Schema, please see Stockwell 2.0 - Store Schema



Stockwell 2.0 Specs

  • Dimensions (H/W/D) 1.5278 meters / 1.525 meters / 0.6096 meters
  • Weight - 181 kg
  • Power Input - 1 Power Cable
    • System requires 0.9A at 230V
    • Refrigerator requires 0.5A
    • Technology requires 0.4A

Stockwell 2.0 Cross Section diagram - Metric.png


Moving a Stockwell 2.0

This device requires one power outlet. Please choose a location for your device that can support these needs. 

No matter how the device is moved, extreme caution should be used. A Stockwell unit weighs 180kg (400lbs), so please take care when moving your device. 


Moving with a Manual Floor Jack (Recommended)

A manual floor jack with 1118mm legs will provide the lift needed to move the SW 2.0. Wooden posts or other suitable material should be under the middle of the cabinet for stability: in the example shown below, two 4 in x 4 in (10cm X 10cm) wooden posts have been placed on the forks. Take care as the pallet lifter wheels pass over the U legs, and protect them with cloth or cardboard. 


Moving with Dollies Equipment
  • Two Furniture Dollies to move the unit
  • Forearm Straps to aid in lifting and to reduce strain on the legs of the device (recommended)


Moving Process
  1. To begin, have one to two people on each side of the SW 2.0 unit. Starting with one side of the unit, carefully lift the unit from the base as shown, and slide one dolly underneath the leg. Ensure that the leg is securely placed on the dolly. Forearm straps may be used to facilitate this process
    While this occurs, the person on the other side of the unit should be held as upright as possible, to prevent the unit from tipping onto its side. 
  2. Keeping the first leg in place, carefully lift the other side of the unit in the same manner, and place the second dolly beneath it. Ensure that the center leg is also braced on one of the dollies, if possible, to ensure greater stability. 
    Both dollies should be fully supporting the unit as shown, enabling the unit to roll freely. 

  3. Carefully move SW 2.0 into its intended location. Steer from both front and back ends. Keep in mind that the unit will need at least 67cm of space to clear any doorways: this is to accommodate the width of the unit plus the handles
  1. Once the unit has been brought to the appropriate location, once again have one to two people on each side of the SW 2.0 unit. Lift one side of the unit up from the base as before, allowing the dolly to be removed. Carefully lower the leg of the SW 2.0 onto the ground. Limit rocking the unit during this process, as this will cause strain on the legs and may result in damage. Forearm straps may be used here to reduce rocking. 

  2. Repeat step 6 for the other leg to remove the second dolly
Tilting a Stockwell / Using a Stair Walker

The Stockwell 2.0 can be tilted and moved into place using a handcart or stair walker, however this procedure should only be taken if there are no other options. 

  1. Tightly secure the doors of the unit to the body via tie down straps/ ratchet straps

  2. With one person at each end, position the stair walker under the ambient side of the unit. 

  3. Carefully lift the unit up onto one leg using the stair walker. The lifting radius is 2.3 meters

  4. Keep the tilting angle below 45°. An angel of 30° - 45° is recommended. Any unit tilted 30° - 45° will need to sit for a 24-hour period before use. This will allow the compressor oils to settle.
    Tilting a Stockwell with a Stair Walker.png


Technology Setup

  1. Plug in the store

  2. Allow the store 4–6 minutes to boot up. While this occurs, a yellow error message will be visible, informing you that cooler functions are disabled during the start-up process. 
    Stockwell 2.0 error - Cooler functions disabled during startup. Please wait....png

  3. After the startup completes, you will see a red error message saying "Cooler Safety checks have failed, please contact Operator.This is normal at this stage, and is part of the setup process.  
    Locate the controller below the Pico device at the bottom of the Store. Hold the down arrow button on this controller for five (5) seconds to clear the error. You will see "---" on the screen when the error has successfully been cleared. 
    Stockwell 2.0 error - Cooler safety checks have failed, please contact Operator.png


Restockwell App

Restockwell app access is needed to set up and maintain your Stockwell 2.0's Schema (Planogram) on location. You can request access via the Restockwell App Request Portal. Learn more about the app at Stockwell - Restockwell App Guide (Legacy Process).


Adding Products to Stockwell 2.0 Schema

Once products are added to ADM and extended to your Location, the next step is to add the products to your market's schema.

Please see the article Stockwell Web App - Schema Setup and Market Service Process for more information.