Upload Customers/Promo Funds - CK


To instruct the operator of how to upload customer spreadsheets for account creation or adding promotional funds.



To begin with, you will need the following in order to complete the task:

  • Access to Customer Utilities
  • Excel or similar program

Customer Utilities can be found in BT. Click on the location you are working on, click Menus, and go to POS Management. On the sidebar to the left, hover your mouse over it to pop it out and Customer Utilities will be in the list. If Customer Utilities is grayed out and not clickable, please contact your GM to get approval for the access.


Any spreadsheet program will work for this task as long as you can save the file as a CSV (Comma Delimited). Online tools such as OneDrive or Google Sheets may not offer this option.



  • To start, you will need to get a list of customers for the location.
    • If this is for a new location, you will need first name, last name, and email. If the customer does not have an email, a generic one can be entered for them (ie.
      • The scancodes will come from the sheet of CK cards you have assigned to the location.
    • If this is for a location with existing customers, you can use the Export Customers button on the Customer Utilities page.

  • Rearrange your spreadsheet in order of first name, last name, email, scancode.
    • If they are not already, your column headers will need to be changed to fname, lname, email, scancode.

  • Add a 5th column labeled amount.
    • In the first row under amount, add in the whole dollar amount to be added to the customer accounts on upload. If the amount is $0, then just put in a 0.
    • Select the cell with the amount to be added to the first customer. Your green box around the cell should have a small square at the bottom right. Double click it to fill that amount down to the bottom of your list.

  • If you have more than the 5 columns, highlight any extra columns, right-click the selection, and select Delete.
    • Pressing Delete on your keyboard may still leave the columns active with no information, so it's important to follow to step above.
  • Your Spreadsheet should now look like this:

    In column D with the scancodes, your scancodes may show in exponential format. This is typical of most Spreadsheet softwares, and will have to be corrected before you're ready to upload.
    • Highlight the entire column D by click on the letter D.
    • Right click the selection and you will have the option for Format Cells. (This may look different depending on the software being used.)
    • Click Format Cells and a new box will open. Select Number from the left column, and change Decimal places to zero.
    • Click OK at the bottom of the box and you will see that your scancodes were updated to show the correct numbers.
  • Save your file as a CSV (Comma Delimited).
    • Go to File > Save As ... and in the Format option box, select CSV (Comma Delimited).
      • There will be other CSV file format options, so be sure you are selecting Comma Delimited.
      • If you downloaded the file from the Export Customers option, your file is already set correctly and you just need to go to File > Save.

Upload the File

  • In BT, go to Customer Utilities. You will have a Browse... option. Click it to open up a new box. Use the box to navigate to the folder where you saved your Spreadsheet and open the Spreadsheet.
  • Click Upload.
  • Below the Upload box, information regarding the upload will appear. See the example below.
    • Customers added: 0
      • 0 new customer accounts created.
    • Customers updated: 2
      • 2 customers were found matching the provided information, and the balances have been updated accordingly. (ie. Added the $5 promo in this example.)
    • Customers skipped: 2
      • 2 customers on the spreadsheet were skipped and not updated.

Skipped Customers

If your upload has any skipped customers, you can click Show Skipped Customers to see the customers' names from your spreadsheet. Using those names, you can determine the issue of why they were not uploaded and create a new spreadsheet with just the skipped customers to try uploading them again.


Reasons for Skipped Customers

  • If uploading a list of new customers, the email or scancode may already be registered to another account.
  • Name or email do not match what is in BT for that scancode.
    • When searching the Customers page, the Username of the customers is the information that has to be input as the email on the spreadsheet.
      • In the example above, you will see the email jdoe101, which is the user's Username and not their email. This is the correct information for that customer.

  • The customer is not assigned to that business.
    • This happens in situations where there may be multiple breakrooms each with a kiosk at a single location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Username instead of Email?

In the examples in this document, you may see that a Username is used instead of an Email. This is due to a change in our system where the Email field became the Username field. The Customer Utilities upload did not change to reflect this.

The information provided from Export Customers will always be correct. If you are uploaded new customers, it's advised to enter a valid email address if possible.


How do I track added Funds?

If the amount is any dollar amount greater than zero, then a promotional fund will be added to the accounts in the spreadsheet. These will appear on your Weekly Remittance as Operator_Promo.