Transitioning from Avanti Kiosk to 365 Kiosk


This article outlines the process for an operator to transition from an Avanti kiosk to a 365 kiosk. You have many options for this process, such as transferring existing kiosks to new locations, purchasing new devices, and more. 

Your market will likely need to be closed during the transition period, so timing is critical during this process to avoid inconvenience to your customers. 


Getting Started 

The first step in the process is to identify if you need any new kiosks, or if you will be relocating existing ones.

If utilizing VMS of any sort, please ensure that the forms have all the necessary information notated for a smooth transition. 


Ordering Process

If ordering new kiosks, place an order for a new kiosk through your 365 Retail Markets Account Manager or the Sales Administration team. Make sure to provide the "Need by Date" and "Proposed Opening Date," thereby specifying the urgency of your request. 


Relocation Process

If you are relocating one or more kiosks in your inventory to a different location, please download the Relocation/Inventory Unit Stage form. Once you have filled it out, you may submit it to

The standard relocation/inventory process requires 2–3 days after receipt of all deliverables to be completed. If same day relocation is needed, please state, "Same Day Relocation" on the form.


Market Account Options

When it comes to relocating your market, you have two options concerning market accounts: 

  1. Require that customers make new accounts at the new location
    • We recommend incentivizing the account setup with value on their account

  2. Transfer your customer's accounts to the new location. 
    • If done too far in advance, consumers will continue to spend down their balance or replenish their account, so the data you upload may be inaccurate, causing complaints from the consumers. We recommend closing the market to prevent account charges during the transition period.


As a note, you as the operator financially own the market accounts with Avanti. Whatever you move over to the 365 Retail Market GMA account will be taken out of your next EFT disbursement. The accounts you clean up or remove will not move over or impact that EFT disbursement.


Transferring Market Accounts

  1. Clean up stale or inactive accounts using the Stale Market feature in AMS. If you require training in this process, please schedule a training session via the Basic Training Form

  2. Once the stale markets have been removed, export the market accounts from AMS to Excel. Clean up data as needed by removing duplicate information, accounts with small balances, etc. 

  3. Transfer this data into the GMA Upload Template, which is attached to this article

  4. Provide this file to, including the VSH number and location name. Your information will be processed during standard business hours (M-F from 9AM – 5PM Eastern). 


Pushing Products Into ADM

  1. Perform one last pull to make sure all sales come into your VMS from AMS

  2. Disconnect VMS from the AMS location

  3. Setup new ADM location

  4. Connect VMS to ADM Location

  5. Push VMS catalog to ADM

The VMS must be setup in ADM and ADM location must be setup in the VMS for the push of products to work (ability for consumers to scan products). If you are unfamiliar with either part and need assistance, please contact the 365 Retail Market Support Center or the VMS Support Center

The time it takes for products to push can be different depending on the VMS solution being used. Check with your VMS provider, so you can plan accordingly with your customer for market unavailability during this period.


Moving AMS Product Lists Directly to ADM

  1. Export products from AMS in a CSV format
  2. Open a new excel file.
  3. Select Data from the top Bar/Ribbon.
  4. Select From Text/CSV
  5. Select the GetProductsReportRequest.csv and then select import.
  6. Select Data Type Detection dropdown and select Based on entire dataset. 
  7. Select Load to load the products 0's prior to the scan codes as originally intended.
  9. Expected Outcome:

Setting up the Kiosk for Consumer Use – Day of Install

  1. Remove the Avanti Kiosk (take offline)

  2. Place the 365 Kiosk and get it connected

  3. Upload the users & balances

  4. Open the market


Best Practices to Consider and Customer Communications

  • Inform your customers that the market may need to be closed during the transition of solutions

  • Decide with your customer if you would like to start market accounts fresh instead of transferring, or discussion how you will handle the clean-up of the accounts, and elimination of unused accounts.

  • Explain the potential of Market Accounts not being available during the transition, and that credit card, debit, or cash payments will be needed while the accounts are being moved over.

  • Please inform consumers they will need to re-register their fingerprint at the kiosk after the transition has been completed since biometric accounts cannot be transferred, if they were using fingerprints.