MM6 - Navigation Bar - Installation Guide


This article provides information on the installation process for the ADA Navigation Bar. This is an optional device for the MM6, depending on the accessibility needs of your customers. 


Kit Contents

  1. Navigation Bar, mounted to the replacement lower cover
  2. USB Splitter Cable
  3. USB cable for Navigation Bar
  4. 1/8” hex wrench


Installation Process

  1. Open the front door of the kiosk.

  2. Using the provided 1/8” hex wrench, remove the 4 hex head screws which are securing the lower cover plate. Retain these screws for installation of the replacement cover.

  3. Remove the cover and discard.
    • NOTE: The cover plate has a small flange on the bottom that may be wedged under the kiosk. This may require you to slightly lift on the front of the kiosk to remove. If the kiosk is securely fastened to the countertop, you may need to loosen the mounting hardware in order to free the plate.
  4. Plug the USB cable into the back of the navigation bar.

  5. Install the lower cover with navigation bar onto the kiosk and secure it using the 4 hex head screws removed above. Make sure the lip on the lower cover plate is tucked under the front edge of the kiosk. The USB cable should be easily accessible to allow for the completion of the installation.

  6. Route the USB plug from the navigation bar up through the piece of corrugated loom on the right-hand side of the router shelf, which is to the right-hand side of the PC.
  7. Unplug the USB connector for the sound bar and plug the USB Splitter into the PC in its place.
  8. Plug the USB connectors from the sound bar and the navigation bar into the USB splitter.

  9. Bundle the excess cables above the router shelf and secure with zip ties as needed. Tuck the cable bundle on the right-hand side of the router.

  10. Wrap up any excess USB cable from the navigation bar and tuck them behind the lower cover plate.