MM6 USB Hard Drive Recovery - CK


This document provides instructions on how to use the USB recovery drive on the MM6 Actineon device.


Required Tools

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse (recommended)
  • Recovery ISO flashed USB

If you need to flash a USB, please see the Hard Drive Recovery USB Creation - CK article. 



  1. Power down the device by pressing the power button. Do not hold.

  2. Attach the USB to one of the center USB slots

  3. Attach keyboard and mouse to left USB slots

  4. Power on device and press F11 till you see the password prompt

  5. Enter in the BIOS password. Please call Support (877-280-7373) for the password.

  6. Use the arrow keys to select the USB from the list of devices

  7. Press Enter

  8. The Disk Recover GRUB menu will appear. It will auto start in 30 seconds or you can press Enter on the keyboard

  9. The Ubuntu logo and a loading symbol will show while the recover disk is booting/running

  10. There will be a window open with the results of the regular and logical volume fsck checks in different tabs

  11. Please check both tabs to ensure the disk says "Clean"
        a) If you're using a mouse, you can click on the tabs
        b) If you're using a keyboard
            i) Press tab till "Regular Partitions" tab is highlighted
            ii) Press the right arrow key to navigate to the next tab

  12. Once confirmed clean, close the window.
    a) With mouse, click close.
    b) With keyboard, use the tab key till close is highlighted and press space or enter.

  13. Closing the program will initiate the shutdown procedure.

  14. Remove the USB when prompted and press Enter

  15. Power the Actineon back on after it has fully shut down.

  16. Once rebooted, the kiosk should start up normally