MM6 PC (CPU) Replacement


The purpose of this article is to outline the process for removing and replacing a Silent11G (CPU) PC from an MM6 MicroMarket Kiosk.



Tools Required

  • Philips Head Screwdriver


Remove the PC

  1. Turn off the kiosk and open the kiosk door.

  2. Remove all USB, video, and ethernet connectors from the PC.
  3. Loosen the silver collar on the power (barrel) connector and remove it.
  4. Remove the 2 black thumbnuts on both sides of the PC mounting bracket.
  5. Pull the PC bracket toward you to remove it from the studs.
  6. Flip the PC over and remove the 4 Phillips-head screws securing it to the mounting bracket.


Install the PC

  1. Flip the PC over to expose the 4 mounting screws on the bottom.
  2. Place the PC mounting bracket on the PC as shown. If the 4 holes do not all line up with the threaded holes on the PC, you may have to rotate the bracket 90 degrees.

  3. Install the bracket to the PC using the 4 silver mounting screws.
  4. Install the PC and bracket into the kiosk with the power button from the PC toward the top right. Hold the cables out of the way while installing the bracket to make sure no cables get pinched underneath the mounting bracket.
  5. Install the 2 thumbscrews on the mounting studs and tighten them.
  6. Reinstall all cables to the PC and tuck the excess cable above the PC behind it. Make sure the soundbar is pushed down and fully seated in its tabs.
  7. Power up the kiosk and check the functionality of all components.