Parlevel - 365 VDI Markets Setup


The purpose of this article is to provide the Customer/Operator steps for when Parlevel Locations use the 365 VDI for market management. Our support teams will help with the background setup and configuration, but below are steps that can help you save time during the VDI setup process.


Customer Steps

  1. Build out the market in the VMS. To save time, you can copy an existing market if available.

  2. If products are taxed, confirm all products have a tax class assigned in the Parlevel VMS.

  3. Confirm all products are priced, parlevel set, and have a UPC assigned in the Parlevel VMS.
    • Make sure you have user access to ADM, if not please reach out to 365 support to have a user created. 365 support at (888) 365-6282

  4. Setup the PicoMarket - Use the US/Canada - PicoPlatform - Self-Provisioner article for instructions on how to provision the market. If you experience issues self-provisioning the device, please contact 365 support at (888) 365-6282

  5. Once the setup is complete, notify your Parlevel CS Rep to finalize the integration.

  6. If you would like ADM training, schedule using the Operator Training Request Forms. A few examples of topics that can be covered during training are basic navigation of ADM, users, reports, promotions.