ADM Consumer Balance Top Off – Operator


New functionality has been added in ADM that allows operators to ‘top-off’ one or more Consumer account balance(s). This will quickly add funds to their accounts at a predetermined maximum amount.

Note: This is for adjusting the balance on GMA accounts and not subsidy top-offs which will be a different feature.

***IMPORTANT: If you do not already have BALREASON reason codes added to your organization for providing reason codes for Consumer balance adjustments, follow the steps below to create them prior to starting a top off.


Operator Adds One or More Balance Reason Codes

  1. Click the Admin tab in ADM.
  1. Select Category from the drop-down menu. The Category Create screen will display.

  2. Enter a Name for the new category.

  3. Select the Type of category.

Note: For Consumer account balance adjustments, the Type is BALREASON.

  1. Click Save to save the new reason code.



Operator Performs a Top Off to Consumer(s) Balance

To get to the admin view of the Consumer screen in ADM, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Admin tab in ADM.

  2. Select Consumer from the drop-down menu. The Consumer Search screen will display.
  3. Filter the Consumers by:
  • Name
  • Email
  • Scancode
  • Market ID
  • Any location(s)
  1. Select one or more Consumers from the search results in the grid.
  1. Click the red Actions button.

  2. Select Bulk Top-Off from the drop-down menu.
  1. The Bulk Top Off popup window will display. Enter the top off Amount. The top off amount will change the selected Consumer balances to the amount you entered.

Note: If any Consumer balances are already more that this amount, they will not receive additional funds as they are greater than the top off amount.

  1. Select the Reason for the top off.

Note: If you do not have any BALREASON reason codes already created, see the initial steps of this article before performing a top off. These types of reason codes are used when adjusting the balance on a Consumer account.

  1. Click Save and the top off will begin processing. A popup window will display when the top off has completed, letting you know that you will receive an email.

  2. Click OK to close the window.


  3. When the top off processing is complete, you will receive an email with the results of your top  off and a link to ADM to check your detailed Bulk Top Off report.



Operator Reviews the Detailed Top Off Report in ADM

  1. Click the Reports List tab.

  2. Select the Bulk Top Off report from the Report List.
  1. Select the Date (date range) and click Run Report.
  1. Click Download to download the detailed top off results for one of the submitted dates.