Touchless Vending How-To Guide and FAQ

Order the following:

Vendors Exchange

You will need the hardware listed below. Contact Vendors Exchange at OR  

There are two types of machines, those that:

  1. Have a VEII Universal Control Board available, and they will need:
      • VET1281BT365 Touchless Kit
      • UCB firmware version 8.0.U
  1. Do not have a VEII Universal Control Board available, and they will need:
      • A machine-specific touchless controller kit
      • If the order is placed before 12:00 pm EST – your device will ship same day.
        If the order is placed after 12:00 pm EST – your device will ship the following business day.


365 Retail Markets

Contact 365 Retail Markets at and order the “Touchless Vending Solution”.



1.    What hardware do I need for Touchless Vending to work?

Either type of machine discussed under Order the Following above.


2.    On what vending machines is this available?

      • Royal 500, Royal 550, Royal 660, Royal GIII
      • Bevmax 3, Bevmax 4, 5591
      • Dixie Narco 276E, Dixie Narco 501E
      • Vendo 511, Vendo 540, Vendo 720, Vendo 721
      • USI Mercato, USI 3000 Series, USI 5000 Series, USI Mercato Combo
      • AMS Sensit 1, AMS Sensit 2, AMS Sensit 3
      • AP 122 / 123, AP 6000 / 7000, AP LCM
      • National 147 / 148, National 157 / 158, National 167 / 168, National 673
      • Rowe

And More!


3.    How do I install Touchless Vending?

VEII will provide installation instructions with the Touchless Kit. It will take about 15 minutes to install the kit and apply the QR Code sticker. The QR Code sticker will guide consumers to download the 365Pay mobile app on their phones to create an account so they can use the Touchless Vending solution.


4.    What do consumers need to do to start using Touchless Vending?

They need to download the 365Pay App and create an account to start using Touchless Vending.


5.    How do I use Touchless Vending?

A. Download the 365Pay App to your mobile device.

B. Click Create & Fund Account in the app to create and fund your account.

C. Click Shop in the 365Pay app.

D. Select the vending machine near you.

E. Select item(s) using the keypad in the app.

F. Click Finish. Your item(s) will vend, and your purchase will be complete.


6.    How does payment work?

Consumers will load funds to their 365Pay account using a selected form of payment in the 365Pay App. They will use these funds when purchasing items from the vending machine(s).


7.    What do I do if the QR sticker is damaged or missing?

The Touchless Kit from VEII will include two copies of the QR sticker to apply to machines for users to scan to download the mobile app and create their account. We recommend saving one sticker inside the machine. If you need another sticker beyond these two, contact VEII at or (800) 321-2311.

Note: The stickers are specific to each individual touchless board and cannot be swapped between machines.


8.    How do I set up my backend?

AVLive will be  set up by the 365 team. A training notification will be sent to the operator.