365 StatusPage

What is StatusPage?

StatusPage is a communications tool that will help inform and keep our customers up to date about outages and scheduled maintenance. StatusPage does not do any direct monitoring of 365's websites or servers. All incidents are manually placed into StatusPage.


Where Can I Find StatusPage?

StatusPage is available at


Why and How Would I Want to Use StatusPage?

Not only will the StatusPage help keep customers in the know but it will also help build trust, reduce incoming support requests during incidents, and help build and scale our incident communication process.

Customers will be able to receive emails for any and all 365 outages or per incident. If they subscribe to all emails, they will receive ALL incident reports and updates. This could be too many communications, as some will not pertain to them if they are not using that technology (i.e., if they are on Legacy but we have a V5 outage).

If a customer selects to be only updated on a specific incident, when that incident is resolved, they will no longer receive communications.

All customers will receive the initial outage communication sent by the Communications team. After that, they will need to check the StatusPage for all updates and the “All Clear” notification.


What are Incidents?

Incidents are a core element of our StatusPage. These are critical service events that we want to communicate with our customers. We have four different incident statuses that are part of the StatusPage:

  • Investigating
  • Identified
  • Monitoring
  • Resolved

Additionally, there are three different impact levels of an incident:

  • Minor
  • Major
  • Critical


What are the Components?

Components are individual parts of our infrastructure that 365's customers depend on. Components have their own statuses and can be updated during the incident creation process or independently.