MM6 and MM6 Mini - Volume Settings


This article explains the process of adjusting the volume of the MM6 and the MM6 miniUnlike previous devices, the volume knobs for the MM6 and MM6Mini are on the inside of the devices, and most volume settings can be controlled via the software. This is to prevent consumers from adjusting the volume. 

To adjust or troubleshoot issues with the hardware of these speakers, please see the MM6 - HP Sound Bar - Troubleshooting article. 


Volume Controls

  1. Log into the Driver Login Screen/ Exit Menu by tapping on the upper left-hand corner of the screen five times. Provide your Driver PIN  when prompted. 

  2. Select the Volume Button

  3. Adjust the percentage of the volume as desired. A notification sound will inform you of how loud the volume is. You may also select the mute button to reduce the volume to zero, and select it again to restore the previous setting. 
    Changes made to the volume are saved automatically, even after resetting the kiosk.