Greenlite AV Live Startup Guide - Inventory Tracking


This article explains the steps necessary to complete inventory tracking with Greenlite and AVLive.


Access Inventory View

  1. Click on the Edit button next to the machine you want to update in the Inventory column. 


Understanding Inventory Elements

The refill date is the date you restock your machine. Typically you would restock and immediately press the Update to Par from AV Live, without altering the refill date. However, if you update your inventory in AV Live after the fact, you will want to specify the exact date and time of the refill so that refill reports are accurately counting from that moment. This option can be disabled and will show the previous refill date and time if Quantity Added (#4) is selected.

Par is the total quantity you have when each bin is "full". The Current On Hand is the quantity that is physically in that bin at the current time.


Example: Most of the time, if your capacity is eight units in bin A1, your par level would also be eight. However, if you only restock bin A1 back up to five, and never the capacity of eight, you can set your par level to five. In other words, the amount in the bin when you consider it to be "full".


Setup your Par Values

Before you go live with your PicoVend, you will want to define your par levels for each bin.

    1. Editing the Par field for each bin.
    2. Select the Update button at the bottom.


There are three different ways to update inventory, and each of these methods is described below. 


One-click Update to Par

The first way is to enter the quantity of product you added to each bin with the one-click Update to Par option. This method assumes each bin was restocked up to par levels. If you want to update inventory for each bin in this way, leave the Quantity Added (#4) button selected. If selected, this option will disable the Refill Date (#1) field and show the previous refill date and time. If the previous refill date and time is over a month, the following message will display in red text: If you do not update the Refile Date at least once every three months, inventory and sales since the late Refill Date will no longer be calculated. 

The first and most common is  You can do that right from

    1.  On the Machines Dashboard, select Update in the Par column. The Refill Date/Time pop-up window will display.

    2. Adjust the date and time to when you were physically at your machine refilling it, and click Update to Par.

    3. After you click Update to Par, the software will update your slots to par and subtract any slots that may have had sales since the date and time that you specified.

Override On Hand Quantities in Each Bin

The second way you can update inventory is by overriding the Current On Hand quantities. This is done when you have just done a physical count of products and input the current on-hand numbers. If you do a physical count of each bin to reconcile your inventory and want to override the Current On Hand quantities, select the Current On Hand Quantities button and enter the desired on-hand quantities.

  1. Select the Update On Hand Quantity button.

  2. On this page, you can change the Refill Date. If Update to Par is not used, then Update On Hand Quantity will be the preferred method.

  3. Enter the total on-hand quantities in each bin.

  4. Press Update at the bottom to save.

Enter Quantity Added in Each Bin

The third method of updating inventory is to tell AV Live how many products you added to each bin when you restocked. This option is the easiest and most common method of updating inventory. It is useful for operators who add or subtract a few products from their machines but do not know how many are on hand and do not want to update the refill date and time. If you refill your machine back to par in each bin, you should choose this option.

  1. Press the one-click Update to Par button from the Machine Dashboard.

  2. Enter the quantity you added to each bin.

  3. Press the Update button at the bottom. The quantities will be added and if any sales have occurred since the product was added to the machine, the software will include all those sales and calculate the On Hand quantity after you update the slots where you have added products. This will help eliminate any inventory and reporting discrepancies.