Greenlite AV Live Startup Guide - Create a Planogram

Create Your First Planogram

In the My Machines Dashboard, you will see a rectangular icon, which represents the planogram.

  • Green = Active (Live) Planogram
  • Yellow = Pending Planogram
  • Black = No planogram
  1. Click the Planogram icon from the Machines view.

  2. You will have a black icon since you have not yet created a planogram. Click on that black icon to set up your first planogram.


Select Products for Each Slot

  1. Select the product for the My Products list (ordered alphabetically) from the drop-down menu in each cell.
  2. List the sales price. If you do not see any products, go back and populate your Products list. You can learn more by reading the Greenlite AV Live Startup Guide – Company Products

IMPORTANT: Your vending machine will control the actual price of the item. This Price field is only used to reflect the price set on the vending machine.



Save & Activate versus Save as Pending

Save & Activate - When you click this option, it will update all of your changes and try to push the updates to your PicoVend unit.

Save as Pending - When you click this option, it will not update your changes but will put a yellow Icon next to your active planogram. This is good for planning changes to inventory beforehand.



Accessing a Pending Planogram

If you have saved a planogram as Pending, that pending version of the planogram will display next to the active version as a yellow icon. You can click on the yellow icon to continue to work on it.



Pending Planogram: Save Changes versus Save & Activate

You can continue to edit the pending version by clicking Save Changes. When you are ready to make it live, click the Save & Activate button.



Clone from Existing Planogram

When you are creating your first planogram, you can copy that planogram for newly created machines rather than creating each from scratch.

  1. Open the new blank planogram.

  2. Choose a machine to copy from.

  3. Click the Clone button to populate it. You can always edit this new planogram if there are differences from the originating planogram.

Note: The machines that the planogram is being cloned from must have the same Machine Model and Planogram Template. You can learn more at Greenlite AV Live Startup Guide – Dashboard & Creating a Machine