Gen3/Gen3c Kiosk - Fingerprint Reader to RFID Swap


This document informs the operator how to uninstall the Fingerprint reader of a Gen3/Gen3c Kiosk, and replace it with an RFID reader. The steps for this process can also be found at Gen3/Gen3c Kiosk - Fingerprint Reader to RFID Swap.


Tools Required

  • Screwdriver
  • File
  • Sharp blade, scissors, or other tool suitable for cutting zip ties


Swap Process

  1. Open the kiosk and unplug the fingerprint reader from the PC
  2. Remove the wire loom from the cable and cut the zip tie holding the excess cable length
  3. Remove the two screws attaching the fingerprint reader to the kiosk
  4. Use a file to cut a notch at the top of the fingerprint reader slot. Use the file to clean up any plastic burrs and rough edges
  5. Feed the RFID reader USB cable through the front of the kiosk
  6. Align the RFID reader on the front of the kiosk and apply double-sided adhesive to the area around the fingerprint reader opening
  7. Apply double-sided adhesive to the back of the opening
  8. Bind any excess cable and secure it with a zip tie
  9. Tuck the bundle behind the RFID reader and stick it to the adhesive
  10. Feed the USB cable through the wire loom and route it back up to the PC
  11. Plug the USB cable in and close up the kiosk

You have now completed the swap process.