Parlevel - Video - Driver Portal



Using the video above and the steps below, you will learn how to collect and service machines on a route using the Driver View.


  1. While logged into your VMS, select your profile on the top right, and from the dropdown menu, click Driver Portal.

  2. On the following screen, select the route you would like to service. 

  3. Select a location from the accounts that are displayed on the route. 

  4. For the machine(s) you will be servicing or collecting from at this location, select the green Cash Options from the right side to enter the collections amounts on the popup that follows.

  5. Select the Prekitting button to view the product needed to enter into the machine. 

  6. Use the + and - buttons to adjust the amount of product you actually put into the machine. 

  7. Select Save All at the bottom of the screen to ensure you save any changes to made to the prekitting.

  8. Use the back arrow at the top left of the screen to leave the Prekitting page.

  9. At this time, you may complete a Fill/Service DEX at the machine's telemeter to mark the machine as serviced. 

  10. In the event that the Fill DEX does not send or you have left the location without sending one, you may select Manual PL in an emergency to mark the machine as serviced. Please be advised that using the Manual Parlevel option regularly may affect inventory and collections amounts, since this option assumes that all inventory was put in and all money was collected.

  11. Finally, View Notes will allow you to view any VMS notes left on this machine which you may need to consider for repairs, inventory, etc. 

  12. To go back to the regular VMS, click the top right Parlevel button and select Back to VMS.