Parlevel - Nayax Fundings Process


Nayax Fundings periods are one week long, running from Friday until the next Thursday, followed by one week of processing time.  The funds are deposited on Tuesdays approximately twelve days after the two-week timeframe, subject to banking holidays.

The fundings consist of the total transactions for the weeklong funding period, plus the two-tier fee (or convenience fee, per Nayax), minus the transaction processing fee, which is 5.95% in most cases.

Deposits are made on this schedule with the exception of the third week of every month, which is usually an offset week. During this time, Parlevel may offset customers' open service invoices against the Parlevel Pay + funding, either completely or partially paying the invoices. There is a $5 minimum amount that must be met in order for reimbursement to take place, which, if not met, such funding will be accrued and added onto future funding until the minimum is met.