Parlevel - Creating and Using Offline Machines (with Video)



Using the video above and the steps below, you will be able to create and use offline machines in your VMS, as well as understand how they work within your VMS operation as opposed to online machines.


  1. While logged into your VMS, navigate to Vending > Implementation.

  2. Click Build Offline in the top right corner above the list of devices. 

  3. Select the slot layout in the machine under Layout Rows, adding enough slots to reflect the actual machine layout. 

  4. Fill out the necessary and known machine information, such as its name, machine model, location, etc. 

  5. You may indicate whether or not the machine has a credit card reader installed, but be sure to leave the Device Vendor as Not Specified and the Device ID blank. 

  6. Add photo(s) of the machine if desired. 

  7. Click Create and Continue once finished. 

  8. Once you've hit OK on the popup, on the following screen you may select a pre-built planogram from the Assign Planogram dropdown. If your desired planogram does not appear here, your current machine's layout may not match and/or you may need to adjust the machine further. 

  9. Click Save in the bottom right corner. 

  10. Confirm that you are finished with the machine creation.

  11. Navigate to Vending > All Machines.

  12. Filter for the offline machine you just created, and click the machine name to enter the Machine Modal. 

  13. Click Edit Machine to enter the respective page. 

  14. Click an empty product slot to begin entering products into the machine.

  15. For each slot in the machine you wish to indicate as filled, use the search bar on the right to find and select products to enter into the machine slots. 

  16. You may also adjust their price and other slot details such as slot parlevel and capacity.

  17. When finished entering products, click Back to Planogram in the top left corner. 

  18. After reviewing the planogram, click the checkbox at the bottom that says Force Instant Product Changes?.

  19. Click Save Changes.

  20. Congratulations, you have created an offline machine, which you may now edit further if desired, route, and service. 


What's the difference between an offline machine and an online machine?

Having a machine offline means you may route the machine in the VMS but it does not have the same capabilities as an online machine, such as recording sales or subsequent inventory adjustment. Machines may not be DEX-capable or for some other reason are not able to be brought online, but using the offline machine feature in the VMS means they can still be routed and serviced with a little more user input, such as with stocking, cash collection, and recording cash meters.  After servicing the machine at least three times, the VMS will begin to forecast prekitting and expected collections for the machine.
For more information on how VMS Forecast works with offline machines, please see our Offline Machine Forecast article.