Parlevel - Copy, Swap, and Edit Planograms (with Video)



Using the video above and the sections below, you will understand how planograms work within your VMS and be able to create, edit, copy, and swap out planograms in your machines. 

What is a Planogram?

Planograms are preset product configurations for your machines. If you have multiple machines with matching or similar product layouts, you may want to create a planogram, which can save you time in effort when you apply the planogram to future machines. 

Creating a Planogram

  1. To create a planogram, navigate to Settings > Vending > Planograms.
  2. Click New Planogram on the upper right side of the screen.
  3. Enter a planogram name that you will be able to identify in the future in the Name field.
  4. Select the appropriate machine model from the Layout dropdown menu.
  5. Click on an empty slot to begin assigning products.
  6. Search for the product you want to add using the Available Products section.
  7. When you find the correct product, click the Product Name to add it to the empty slot.
  8. The default photo, product, parlevel, and price are already set for you, but you may adjust if needed,
  9.  You may change the product or price at any time from the Edit Planogram page.
  10. Click Save Changes.

Editing a Planogram

  1. Navigate to Vending > All Machines.

  2. Filter for the machine for which you'd like edit its planogram and click Parlevel - VMS Edit Pencil Icon.png to the far right of its row. 

  3. You may adjust the number of slots showing in the planogram under the Dex Layout tab, where activating and deactivating the slots reporting in the DEX file will alter the planogram slots you can fill.

  4. On the Planogram tab, you may use the icon that appears on each product image to Swap a product with other slots. Simply click the Swap icon to activate the swap mode, and click the corresponding Swap icon on another image to swap the two products and their attributes. 

  5. On the Planogram tab, you may use the  icon that appears on each product image to Copy a product into other slots. Simply click the Copy icon to activate the copy mode, and click the corresponding Copy icon on another product(s) to either copy the first product and its slot attributes into the other slots. 

  6. If copying products, you may need to click the Force Instant Product Changes? checkbox at the bottom and then Save Changes.
  7. You may also click the product image to enter the Product Assignment page, which functions the same as the page in the planogram creation steps above. 
  8. Make sure you Save Changes when finished.