Parlevel - How does Prekit by Percent work?


Prekit by Percent is a method of prekitting that calls for product based on the product quantity remaining in a slot, expressed as a percentage. This is explained in the following example. 

First, in the VMS Product Catalog, a product's Prekit Method will need to be set as Percent. In this example, the Min Prekit will be set at 40, to indicate that when the product quantity falls to or below 40%, then the product will be called for in a machine's prekitting. The image below demonstrates this setup. 

In the drink machine below that has Dr. Pepper in one slot, the Parlevel is set at 10, and the quantity sits at 6. When route planning for this machine, its prekitting will not call for Dr. Pepper, since 6/10 does not fall at or below the 40% min prekit threshold set above. See both images below.

Now, if the quantity of the slot is reduced from 6 down to 4, then the 40% Min Prekit threshold is met. The prekitting will call for 6 units of Dr. Pepper to bring the machine slot up to its parlevel of 10, as seen in the images below.