Parlevel - Product and Price Changes


This article will assist you in making product and price changes through the Machine Edit page. For additional information about the Machine Edit page, please see the Machine Edit article.


Product Changes

From the Planogram tab of the machine edit page, click the image for the product you want to change.

From left to right, here are some of the features available on this page:
  1. The checkbox Proceed to next slot after product selection under the Planogram Slots section when checked off will move automatically to the next slot after you select a product for the current slot. Uncheck the box if you would like to remain on the current slot.

  2. To specify an alias for the slot, check the box Show slot alias field. This will be used in the prekitting section to make it easier for your driver to understand the prekitting sheets. By default, the alias is set as the combination of the row and column, e.g. '2-2' for Row 2, Column 2.

  3. The Special Actions drop down has options for assigning the Parlevel, Capacity, Price, New Price, Vendout, and Quantity of the product to the entire row or machine. You can also pair or unpair all like selections in the entire machine. These can't be reversed easily, so select with care.

  4. To find a new product, use the Available Products section on the right side of the screen.
    If a is displayed next to Available Products, then the Use Product Price as Default feature is on. This means that newly assigned products will override the existing price with the product price. To turn this feature off:

    • Navigate to your Company Settings.

    • Click Edit.

    • Click the System tab.

    • Click the On switch for Use Product Price as Default to toggle it to Off.

    • Click Save.  

  5. To only show active products, check the corresponding box above the search field.

  6. You can search in all categories or choose a category from the drop-down menu to the left of the Search Products field.

  7. Start typing in the Search Products field to find the replacement product.

  8. Click the product you want to replace the current product with.

  9. In the middle column of the screen, the product image will show the current product and slightly to the right, the replacement product. The product will automatically be replaced in prekitting the next time your driver services this machine. You can also check Force Instant Product Changes (bottom left) before saving for the change to be effective immediately. Only force instant product changes if the new product is currently in the machine.

  10. You can also adjust the price, quantity, parlevel, and other product attributes beneath the product image. Price changes are able to be scheduled or forced just like product changes.

  11. Click Save Changes.


    The image below shows the new product with two arrows facing facing opposite directions, indicating that the slot is pending product change. If there are price changes pending, these will be shown as a red bar along the bottom with both old and new prices. Both pending changes will go into effect the next time your driver services this machine.