Parlevel - Forcing Instant Product Changes (with Video)



The video above and the steps below explain how to initiate instant product changes in your machine/market planograms. The purpose of performing instant product changes is to make sure that planograms immediately reflect changes made in the machine; otherwise, the VMS will assume that any product changes in the VMS will take place during the next service of the machine/market. 


  1. While logged in to your VMS, navigate to Vending>All Machines

  2. Filter for the machine you wish to make product changes to using the search bars at the top of the list.

  3. Click edit_pencil.pngto the right of the appropriate machine.

  4. Click any product image in the machine's planogram to enter the Product Assignment page. 
  5. You may use the search bar on the left under Available Products to find the product you wish to enter into the currently showing slot. 

  6. Click the product when found, and it will appear in a small shadow next to the original product, indicating that the slot is intended for a product change, which, if left as is, will take place on the machine's next completed service. 

  7. Perform any other product changes needed for the machine before click Back to Planogram. On the planogram page, any products pending changes will have a red bar beneath them. 

  8. Click the checkbox Force Instant Product Changes? in the bottom right corner to ensure the product changes are registered immediately and not on the next service.

  9. Click Save Changes.