Parlevel - Prekitting


Prekitting saves you time and money by providing information that allows you to prepare the exact number of items to stock per machine in your route. This article will guide you in creating, viewing, and using the various forms of VMS prekitting in conjunction with your routes. 

Prekitting Summary

When you click Calculate Prekitting after you have completed the routing process, you are taken to the VMS Paper Prekitting page. This page displays a detailed summary of the route. For information about routing see Routing.

  1. The route name and the planned date for the route are located at the top left of the page.

  2. To go to the Route in Progress page, click Go Back to Route. From here, you can add or remove locations to service on this route or make other changes. For a detailed explanation of the Route Progress page, see Route Progress.

  3. To select a different route view, select one of the following from the Options drop-down menu:
    • Route Summary: This page displays the list of locations with addresses, actions to be performed, as well as tote and bag numbers.
    • Warehouse Prekitting: This allows you to make changes to how much you are stocking.
    • VMS Paper Prekitting: This takes you back to the detailed summary of the route.

    • Summary by Location: This screen displays a summary of prekitting by location on the route.

  4. The Print drop-down menu allows you to choose Print All, Only Summary View, or Only Machine View.

  5. Below the route name is the service ID number, route, driver name, date of service, number of locations, number of machines, and the starting point for the route.

  6. The prekitting information on this screen is organized into two sections:

    • Prekitting Summary: The Prekitting Summary is divided by type of item; for example, cans, bottles, and snacks. Each item type is further broken down by brand, product custom ID, product name, how much of each product to load according to prekit settings, and total units (items) of product.

  • Prekitting Detail: The Prekitting Detail provides in-depth detail of each machine in the route. For online machines, this includes any service notes, which slots the products are for, and how many items of each product to add to the machine. For the first three services of an offline machine, nothing will be displayed for prekitting. For offline machines, there are blank areas in the columns for product actually stocked and product pulled. This information will be entered manually at the time of service. After three services, the prekitting will be forecasted for offline machines.

Please note that the information displayed for offline machines is different than the information for online machines because offline machines have forecasted information instead of live information provided by the DEX in online machines. 


Warehouse Prekitting

Use this page to update the number of items per product to prekit and mark when the truck has been packed. For additional information about the warehouse, see Warehouse Setup.

  1. Click the Options drop down menu.

  2. Select Warehouse Prekitting.

  3. You can sort through your totes using the All Totes, All Machine Types, and/or Go To Tote drop down menus at the top left of the Warehouse Prekitting page.

    Click the machine name to pull up the Machine View. For information about the Machine View, see Machine View: Online and Machine View: Offline.

  4. To view items with low warehouse inventory, click View Low Inventories to the right of the drop-down menus.
    Please note that totes for offline machines do not display quantities on this page.

  5. To switch between Prekitting Totes for this route, click Previous or Next on the right side.

  6. To input the tote number, use the Tote Number field.

  7. To input driver notes, use the Service Notes or Machine Notes fields.

  8. To begin a timer for timing the prekit process, click Enable Prekitting Mode. This will allow you to adjust the To Truck column.

    • The prekitting list displays a list of products in the machine tote selected.

    • Click to the right of the product name to schedule a product change for this slot. This change takes effect when the machine is serviced.

    • The original prekitting, prekitting, and number of items to go to truck are displayed. Click or to change the amount to prekit and stock in the machine if necessary. In offline machines that have not been serviced before, there will be nothing in the prekitting column.

      It is recommended that you add enough units of product to fill the machine to par from zero and record the number of items actually stocked when servicing.

    • When you pack the number of items for prekitting, check the Packed box.
    • Repeat these steps until all products are packed.

  9. Click Prekit Tote.

  10. To Cancel Machine, Recalculate, or Update Tote (this is an option to save changes to prekitting without marking the tote as prekitted), click Options and select the appropriate option.